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Your wine, your way.

We are the 4th generation of a family business that has put its heart and soul into the production and sale of wines, wine-based drinks and spanish sangría for over 130 years.

Our professionalism and ingenuity throughout our history has firmly established us as a reliable supplier that can take our products to anywhere in the world with full assurance. That is why we offer our own wines, along with a selection of the finest spanish D.Os (designation of origin), to our clients with the most suitable product, bottling and packaging characteristics in each case.

Our wineries

We are based in Olaberria, Gipuzkoa and have a second bottling plant in Los Yébenes, Toledo, which enables us to distribute our products anywhere in Spain and, indeed, the world.

Our winemakers of the different D.Os treat the product with the utmost care and attention, and they supply us with wines that have guaranteed designation of origin and quality.

Mapa - Bodegas Elosegui

Capacity and Guarantee

Our experience has led us to be able to distribute wines around the world with all the necessary guarantees for even the most challenging markets.



We produce over 18,000,000 litres per year



We have over 250 references of different brands in our catalogue


What are you looking for?

We adapt to meet our clients’ needs 85% of our production is for export.


We produce especially for you!

Own brand manufacturers for Whole Foods, Leclerc and Intermarché.


Flexibility in formats

We adapt to meet our clients’ needs, not just in manufacturing the products themselves, but also in the packaging characteristics. We can offer our wines in 0.75 and 1 litre glass bottles, in 1L, 1.5L and 5L PET, and 3, 5, 10 and 20 litre Bag-in-Box options.

Formatos - Bodegas Elosegui

New, more sustainable, products

We are aware of how important the environment and health are for consumers. For us, too. That is why we have optimised materials and processes to create the least possible impact on the planet, and can now offer organic, vegan, and low-calorie products.

Productos sostenibles - Bodegas Elosegui

We use sustainable auxiliary materials to package our products. So, the plastic used in our products in PET bottles is 100% recyclable and they are manufactured using 30% recycled plastic, placing us ahead of the requirements established by European directives for 2030. Our glass bottles are also 100% recyclable and the manufacturer uses recycled glass to make them, as well as being committed to protecting the environment, as shown in their environmental risk management policy.

One of the other formats, the Bag-in-Box, uses enhanced components and materials that enable significant reductions to be achieved in the consumption of raw materials, streamlining transport and reducing CO2 emissions.

Our cardboard boxes are made using 100% recyclable material, and they all have the FSC certificate that shows the consumer that the raw material comes from forests in which good forestry practices have been upheld. Among other lines of action, we are also including the use of PET capsules that are more recyclable than those made of PVC.

Productos sostenibles - Bodegas Elosegui

Caring for our environment and minimising the impact of our activity on the planet is a priority for us.

Our portfolio

Productos sostenibles - Bodegas Elosegui


When wine is wine

The Winery represents four generations of dedication, passion and perseverance. It offers a carefully selected array of wines based on the tradition, knowledge and experience of decades in the one family.

Productos sostenibles - Bodegas Elosegui


Because wines are changing

It is a philosophy of life. It is going against the grain of passivity and convention. It is madness but not abandon, it is freedom but not indifference.

In the Ideatory, exact measures, balance, precision, attention to detail and sensitivity are just as essential as creativity.

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